Monday, February 20, 2012

We're good at this because nature wants to kill us.

Having grown up out in the country, in Minnesota, between two very small towns, my social graces (such as they are) were formed in relative isolation.

The painful lack of confrontation - stoicism - and essential social passiveness of my upbringing, I thought for many years, was normal.  Then I moved around.  I slowly realized that the way that I go about things is really really weird.

I tried to make sense of why Minnesotans did the things they did.  Why did we act the way we acted?  I have come to the conclusion that, as most everything about Minnesota, it is about the climate.

I can just imagine what it was like back in the day, way back in the old country.  When the great outdoors is trying to kill you, I suspect it would be in your best interest not to be kicked out.  When a traveler comes to your door half-frozen, I suspect it would be more difficult to turn that person away.  When you routinely need to stay indoors with your family with literally no way out, I suppose it makes sense not to let things upset you so much.

We're just a different sort.

So, after much thought on the topic, I decided to begin a blog about social interactions with the understanding that I am the product of rural Minnesota niceties.  If social graces are natural to you, do not read this blog.  However, if you have ever struggled, please stay a while.  I have struggled enough, and have had to think about it often enough, that I may be able to be of some help.  I would also love to read your thoughts.

Thanks so much.

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